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Never Grow Up

Keep your childlike wonder. Inspire simple joy & happiness. Be a part of the process.
Add more beauty to your life. Bring wild nature indoors. Delight your child.
Make your life more interesting. Live in a dream. 

Bring Your Dreams to Life

Collaborate with Me

reading my dms...

"Well, Bear is super nice and talented and her paintings are wonderful and magical and my kids love them and I will keep buying from Bear forever!"

~ Reshanne Ruhnau ~


"Each painting is sooooo beautiful and made with so much love and to top it all off the packaging and all the little details are so much fun to unwrap (you’ll see what I mean if you buy one ) love love love"

~ Jana Mahdi ~


"I've purchased Bear's original artwork multiple times because of how beautiful and wonderfully done it is. Each piece reached me in a timely manner and had a lovely personalized note included. I wanted to say here in particular how happy I was with a piece I had commissioned. Bear painted a portrait of my fiancee's dog for her. My fiancee cried happy tears seeing the perfect likeness and said out loud, "jesus, she's [Bear] amazing!" She also excitedly said we should have our kitten's portraits commissioned in the future. Which we will because of how happy we are with Bear's work."

~ Donald Hanning ~