Burton's Child

the Juniper Tree Original Acrylic Painting

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- SOLD! Prints available soon.

- Original

- Acrylic Paint on Stretch Canvas

- 16" x 20" x 0.5"

- Primarily Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, White

- Hand Wired for Hanging

- Sides are Painted to Match

- A girl sits under a juniper tree with the bones of her brother. Her house sits on a hill, more bones are under the ground, a bird is singing in the sky, the lyrics painted across the heavens, behind everything.

- the song:

my mother she killed me,
my father he ate me,
my sister, little marlinchen,
gathered together all my bones,
tied them in a silken handkerchief,
laid them beneath the juniper tree,
kywitt, kywitt, what a beautiful bird am I.

- This piece is inspired by the Grimm fairy tale the Juniper Tree.

- It is for someone who likes a piece that tells a whole story or a fan of obscure, lesser known Grimm fairy tales.

To read the whole story of Grimm's the Juniper Tree, click here.

- All original pieces are packaged by hand by me in kraft paper and protected with bubble wrap.