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It’s Not Sane Original Acrylic Painting

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- Original

- Acrylic Paint on Stretch Canvas

- 8" x 10" x 0.5"

- Primarily Blue, Green, Yellow, Black

- Bee girl from the Blind Melon "No Rain" video and CD cover

- Original CD cover version (the costume is slightly different in the video)

- Bokeh inspired sky

- Surreal "grass" background

- Girl in a striped hat (with "antenna") and gloves, yellow and black ballet outfit, black tights and black tap shoes with yellow ribbons and glasses

- I made this piece because "No Rain" is a favorite song from my childhood, but also, there is another Blind Melon song called "Change" in which Shannon Hoon sings "...but you know we can't all stay here forever, so I'll write my words on the face of today, and then they'll paint it." and I wanted to be one of the ones who paint it. <3 

- Part of my B. series

- All original pieces are packaged by hand by me in kraft paper and protected with bubble wrap