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I offer a variety of ways to support me in my art ventures. In return you will receive exclusive merchandise, content, and private media. If you want to learn more about my art and get subscription only art merchandise check out my Patreon page. If you are looking to see private media & a chance to chat with me on a more personal level, come find me on OnlyFans.

Adopt a Bear


Starting at $3, symbolically adopt Bear. In exchange, get a variety of goodies & merchandise that isn´t available anywhere else. Get access to my Patreon feed, learn more about my process and how I work. There you can see my studio, my works in progress, follow my projects, & learn more about how I think as an artist. You can also get subscription art packages, include exclusive annual gifts and goodies. Subscribe to my Patreon here!

the Artist Behind the Art


Looking for something a bit more personal? I´m now on OnlyFans. For $9.99 a month, see full, uncensored photo sets, private photos, and videos. You can also request custom options & a private chat where you can get to know me better. Life has been lonely, let´s connect. Subscribe to my OnlyFans here!
Let´s get personal! Subscribe to my Patreon for the insider art content. Join me on OnlyFans for private content & a chance to connect. Thank you for your support. I couldn´t be where I am today without you. 

with love,
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