Making Art Personal

Do you dream of owning a personalized piece of art you can cherish forever?

Do you want to honor a beloved animal friend?
Do you want to celebrate a cartoon from your childhood or a book you hold close to your heart?
Are you may want to capture a mood or season?
Are you dying to have the chance to show off the beauty of a certain plant or animal without any of the maintenance?

Let´s chat! Tell me your dreams & let me bring them to life for you.


Show your fuzzy friend how spoiled they are with a customized portrait. Dress them up in a silly costume, surround them with a few of their favorite things, or go simple, photo real, & classic. The options are endless!

Make it personal! Share with me what makes your pet special & let´s create a unique way to show them off & remember them forever.

Do you remember that one cartoon or video game that gives you nostalgia for your childhood? Would your little one go crazy for a painting of their favorite character? Or do you want a special memento to remember a time when they did?

Let´s get sentimental! Tell me what makes it special & how to make it personal. I´ll use that information to make you something sentimental.

Do you love the ocean, but you live in Kansas? Are you obsessed with the snow leopard or elephant? But you can´t justify the lifestyle required to see the real thing in it´s natural habitat? Do you dream of snow while on the beaches of Hawaii, or live for palm trees, but live in Alaska? Do you love roses, but don´t want to subject them to your black thumb?
Often it´s not realistic to pack up & move to your ideal paradise. So why not create a piece of paradise you can appreciate 24/7 365 days a year.


Your dreams of custom art are only a conversation away!

Show your fuzzy friend how much they mean to you. Cherish memories of the characters who inspire you. Or capture paradise, real or imagined. 

Let´s make your imagination a reality!


*Have an idea not listed? Let´s talk! I love unique ideas & different challenges.