Custom Art

I offer a variety of custom pieces. My specialty offers are listed below, but I am also open to collaboration if you have an idea that isn't listed below. Prices will always vary due to the wide range of options available, but base prices (before shipping) will be listed below. If you have any questions or you are interested in something not listed below, please contact me directly at and we can talk about a collaboration.

Acrylic Paintings:

Paintings come in a variety of sizes and styles. Paintings come in a variety of different styles from portrait to cartoon characters to whimsical designs. (My acrylic portrait style is not meant to be photo-real, but a stylized version.) 

Original Acrylic:

8 x 10: $140
9 x 12: $170
11 x 14: $190
12 x 24: $320
16 x 20: $370
12 x 12: $220
12 x 16: $235

Portrait Acrylic:

8 x 10: $180
9 x 12: $210
11 x 14: $235
12 x 24: $340
16 x 20: $390
12 x 12: $240
12 x 16: $255

horse war drum velveteen rabbit original painting by bear elle mad molly asylum original painting by bear elle

Acrylic Shoes:

If you prefer art you can wear, you might prefer painted canvas shoes. They are available in two styles, slip-on and laced. Shoes currently are only available in whole number sizes between 6-10.

Price: $120

chucky and tiffany childs play custom painted shoes by bear elle

Acrylic Letter:

If you want something more personalized, get your painting on a wooden letter. Paintings still come in a variety of styles including cartoons and whimsical designs. (Portraits currently not available on letters.)

Wood Letters: $85/each
Canvas "Blocks": $75/each

custom rick and morty, south park, zelda and mario original painted letters by bear elle

Charcoal Portrait:

Charcoals are easily my strongest medium, but also one of the most labor intensive. Due to the photo-real style of the piece, it's both more expensive and more time consuming than other pieces. Base size is 8" x 10" 

8 x 10: $250
9 x 12: $280
11 x 14: $305
12 x 24: $430
16 x 20: $480
12 x 12: $330
12 x 16: $345

original custom eminem and rihanna charcoal drawing  satans last supper custom charcoal drawing by bear elle