Don´t Cheapen Yourself (Why I don´t Recommend Offering Discounts as an Artist and What to do Instead)

When embarking on your artist career you have to decide if you're going to offer discounts or sales. Sometimes it´s because you have too much inventory. Sometimes it´s an act of desperation caused by a need to make money for a pending bill or emergency. Sometimes you may think it´s what you´re supposed to do. Even my Shopify account gave me the advice that it was ¨normal¨ to have a certain percentage of items marked down. I recommend that you skip it all.
Marking down your products cheapens you as an artist. Besides that it doesn´t actually help you. In my experience, people are rarely swayed with sales on original art. I´ve had my fair share of markdowns, sales and discounts. To be honest, I've found most of the minimal impact to be negative.
You end up frustrated with no sales, and your reputation is a little worse off for it. 

What to Do Instead

Strengthen your audience. Communicate with people and show them you care. Use discount codes on special occasions. I offer them as a thank you for a new customer, as a special offer or on a rare occasion for a contest.

Show Pride in Your Work

The more you discount yourself, the more people will see you as cheap and discounted. They will perceive your value to be the discounted price. It will also be harder to expect people to pay full price later. You want to grow in value. You want to raise your prices as you continue your career. 
At the end of the day, it´s up to you if you want to run sales on your art. This is only my experience and opinion on the matter after many attempts to make it work. May whatever you decide to do bring you much success.
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