A Painting's Journey (the With Love, Bear Handling Process)

What happens to your order before it ships? Below I will tell you my step by step handling process for each order.

Varnish and wire each piece for hanging. 

Every piece of original and commissioned art gets a UV-protective varnish. It is then hand-wired for easy hanging.

Prepare personal letter.

Every painting comes with a handwritten, personalized thank you letter. All the paper I use I have hand stained with coffee and burned. I also add 3 handmade business cards and other goodies.

Wrap the painting.

Once the varnish has dried, I wrap each individual painting first in craft paper. I tape the paper envelope and it's contents to the front. The whole thing is then secured with bubble wrap for protection while shipping. I box the painting(s) and fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts or bubbles. (I get most of my packing materials for free on buy nothing on Facebook or the dollar store. I´ll share more of my shipping secrets in a future post.)

Prepare the order for shipping.

I then box it up and print off and attach the packing slip. I run it to the local post office and send it off to its destination. 
This is my personal process. If you have any questions or concerns, comment below, dm me on social media, or email me at bear@withlovebear.net.

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