the Bar is On the Ground (No More Excuses)

You can change your life today.

From retail and cosmetology to art marketing and YouTube to yacht dealings, the bar is on the ground. There are a few rockstars in each niche, but overall, the status quo is basically... show up. It's 2021. there's pretty much no excuse to make your dreams come true. 
This advice is going to sound so basic, but that's the bar. I swear it to you. Now go make it happen.

5 Tips to Get Ahead of the Game:

  1. Show up. Just show up. If that means go to a job, turn on a camera, sit at the computer, whatever that means in your case, be there. If you can master this, you're half way there.
  2. Be consistent. Now that you've got "Show Up" down, keep it up. Keep showing up. Consistency is the key to everything. If you stumble, pick it up and go again.
  3. Do the leg work. No one will do it for you. If you're not making sales, figure out why and fix it. If you're not getting hired, figure out why and fix it. Find all your weak spots and learn how to fix them. Google is your daddy.
  4. Believe in yourself. This is especially true in the beginning. This is especially true if your dreams seem impossible and you can't find people who support you. Support yourself. You have to. 
  5. Go easy on yourself. I won't lie. It's a LOT of work. You're more than likely to have lazy days, miss some days, or whatever it may be. Life happens. When you are building new habits it won't be perfect over night. If you miss a day or two, just pick it back up. Don't punish yourself for being human.
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