This One Might Piss Off Some People... (My Single Greatest Productivity Tip)

Right now, as I write this, it is 11:30 pm. This may not sound like a big deal to you and it may not even sound very late, but for me it´s unheard of. Only two months ago, I would be drowsy by four or five in the evening and out like a light by eight or nine. During this time I was waking up at five in the morning. If I didn't get all the work I wanted done by afternoon, I knew I wouldn't. 
This year has been a game changer. I wake up at a much more reasonable eight or so in the morning. I don´t feel rushed to get all my work done before noon. I can stay up late and even read a book well into the evening without getting drowsy or passing out. And I have more energy than I have ever had in my adult, working life.
An added perk to this technique is that I have also started to lose all my unwanted weight. As a young woman, I´ve tried my fair share of diets and exercise routines. None of them ever seemed to make an impact. This time it was never my specific goal, but it has been a unexpected bonus.
What´s my secret?
 I started counting calories.
I had been watching a fitness YouTuber, Michelle McDaniel, for a couple months. One night I fell asleep to her videos. One of her biggest messages was you have to count calories and eat at a slight calorie deficit. It was almost as if she hypnotized me. The next day this little nagging voice in my head kept saying "count calories." So I was like, fine naggy voice, we'll give it a try. 
The only thing I knew before this was that if I wanted to stay up late, the only thing that worked was to avoid heavy eating. It only took a few days before I noticed huge improvements. Not only was I able to stay up much later, but my energy throughout the day was also much higher.
I can now finish dinner at nine in the evening and go back to working for three or four more hours. Even if I smoke weed or drink, I'm rarely tired. I don't weigh myself, but the physical differences in only two months have been incredible.
**Ladies, the only time I've noticed this not be the case is during shark week. I will get almost extra drowsy for a day or two now during that time.** 
This was never meant to be something I did to lose weight, it was only a bonus. Please do your research. Make sure you are eating a healthy amount of calories for your height and weight.
I'm not a doctor, nutritionist or any other health professional. This is not backed by a professional. This is only my personal experience that I thought might be valuable to someone else. I don't know if this would work for you as everyone is different. Please consult a professional before making any extreme changes to your diet.
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  • I’m so happy for your progress. Sounds like it is working wonderful..

    Chris Stoll

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