Quarantine: Day 1

by Bear Elle

Just some thoughts…

Today is the first real quarantine day for me. The rebel in me instantly hated it. It’s so easy to cry or get upset, I’m just gonna surrender for now. Like, honestly what choice do I even have anyway, right? So I started painting my new stuff to distract myself. At this point, it’s required. 

We don’t need to go anywhere today, so it’s home and that’s it. 

Learning to make weed butter and painting. I might do some partying. I’m not sure why I can’t bring myself to workout or do my french lessons. I’ve also been waking up an hour or two later than I prefer lately. I know that sounds ridiculous right now, but it really throws off my whole day. 

Mostly, I’m just grateful. Thus far, I haven’t had to change that much about my life. It’s not THAT different for me compared to normal and I’m not desperately, struggling yet. No one at my home is sick and I have plenty to do and work on. Business is slow, but overall, I can’t complain because I’m fortunate enough to not have to. So it would be fucked up if I was too upset about it right? 

For some weird reason going in the backyard felt like I hadn’t been outside for days, which is weird cuz I was outside like 3 hours ago and a good chunk of yesterday. It’s a bizarre thing to know that you can’t do a thing. Also, it just started raining, so yea. 

This situation blows. But it’s literally impacting everyone and there isn’t much we can do. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering or sick or just struggling to get by. I am still not really sure how this will all play out, but I know that nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime. 

I love you all dearly and I wish you all the absolute best, that we weather this shit together and get through it with humility, empathy, and grace. (Looking at you toilet paper hoarders.)

Ps. I told you March sucks.