Money Advice

by Bear Elle

I have this collection of papers I’ve held onto for the last several years. They are notes from somewhere or another, random thoughts I wanted to remember. Two of these pieces of paper contain attitude suggestions in regards to finance. Unfortunately, I have no idea where these tips came from, but it didn’t seem fair not to share them based on that. Mindset is the first step to changing your life.

woman in a cemetery

In the future, I hope to expand on some of this knowledge & how I have learned to apply it to my life. For now, it’s more like inspiration & ideas. I’ve yet to master actually applying all of this advice, but a lot of it is at the core of the beliefs I live by. It has certainly helped motivate me so hopefully, it can help you as well.

So here they are in no particular order. Comment below with your thoughts, feelings, ideas or other tips you may want to share.

Money Advice

  • Go get the money.
  • Know how much money you want to earn every year.
  • Never do it for the money. (The only exception is bearable inconvenience in the first 12-18 months)
  • Distinguish things you could do from things you would kill to do.
  • Make absolute NO rules.
  • Take great pleasure in paying people.
  • Don’t bitch about the reasonable cost of doing business.
  • Bitch about waste, bad design & the crappy customer service.
  • Do something every day to attend to money, save something.
  • Don’t offer people something they don’t need.
  • Trust is a form of commerce.
  • Integrity is more valuable than cash.
  • Work with people who are the best at what they do, but are still looking to grow.
  • It’s about relationships.
  • Talk about money, just ask.
  • Make money a central priority. Focus on creating freedom.
  • Don’t spend it right away. Hold on to savings. Don’t be desperate.
  • Online banking. (these notes are from before this was basically a given.)
  • Pay bills right away & say ‘thank you.’
  • Rarely think of money as a loss or a waste. It’s all feeding someone somewhere, the money will come back.
  • Ask for exceptions, you’d be surprised how easy it is.
  • Never say you can’t afford it. “That’s not what I want to do with my money, darling.”
  • Pay someone to do it. Earn your money doing something you are passionate about & pay people to do what you are not passionate about.
  • Save receipts. Take shit back & complain about poor service. You are teaching them, helping them get better at life.
  • Hold out. Get exactly what you want. Don’t settle.
  • Set kids up for the future. Everyone deserves a leg up.
  • Be upfront about shopping for a deal. This ain’t a date, this is a numbers game.
  • Avoid big box stores & dollar stores. Buy organic more often.
  • Pay for music. Support art.
  • Buy your friends stuff. Love is really basic sometimes.
  • Get stuff repaired. Keep it out of landfills.
  • Instead of just lending, give it as a gift.
  • Pay for convenience & speed. Consider time precious.