If You Were Looking for Your Sign to Start Acrylic Painting, This is It.

by Bear Elle

This is why you should start painting today.

When you first start in any medium, it can be very overwhelming. I'm here to simplify it for you.

Don't overthink it.

The supplies can be very basic and very cheap. At it's most basic, you need some acrylic paint, a brush, some water and a piece of paper or preferably a canvas. I recommend canvas, or at the very least a paper meant for acrylic, but theoretically you can use any paper or even a rock or a piece of driftwood. I've been an extremely poor artist in the past and it made me pretty resourceful.

These days, they typically have literally all the necessary supplies at your local dollar tree. Of course they won't be the best quality, but you're really just trying to get the hang of the medium at this point. 

Don't let self-righteous professionals scare you.

There is literally no reason to invest hundreds of dollars to start learning the medium. That's not to say you can't. If you can afford to and that's what you want to do, make it happen. 

But for those of you who don't want to make and multi-hundred dollar commitment yet, it's hardly a requirement. 

You're new to this. Start simple. Start cheap. Use craft paint. Get a $10 pack of as many different brushes as you can find. Get a spiral notebook of Bristol paper or a pack of cheap canvases and just play around for a bit.

Don't take it too seriously.

You're learning. There will be easy days and hard days and you will get frustrated. You just have to practice. Work through it. It takes time, but you can do it. I know you can!

Learning something new is meant to be fun. Art is meant to be fun. It's meant to make you a better and more well rounded person. It is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself. It's supposed to be a means of expression. 

So go out there and enjoy it, my darlings.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out to me in the comments, on any of my social media accounts or by emailing me at bear@withlovebear.net.

Love, love and more love.