My Secret to Endless Art Ideas (How I Use Pinterest to End Creative Mind Block)

So you want to make art, but you don´t have any creative or unique ideas. Few know this about me, but I have aphantasia. Basically, what that means is I have no mental visual imagery. Because of this, I rely heavily on reference photos. I also love to search for unique ideas. Below I´ll share with you how I create some of my more elaborate compositions. I'll show you how to start with a few words and turn it into a completely unique design.   

Start with the Mood

Whenever I´m at a loss for creative ideas, I always start with a few words that give the vibes that I´m feeling at that time. For example if I were to start now I would say something like; vibes, mood, chill, waves, summer, and magic.
I would then open the Merriam Webster Thesaurus and look up each word, looking for other words that I vibe with. In this example, I'd use words like soul, passion, aura, peculiar, dillydally, and enchantment. There are no rules here, whatever speaks to you. You may also find there are examples that have no synynoms or none you prefer. It´s okay if you don´t like any of the words in a search, just move on. 
You can repeat this process with your new words as many times as you want. Until you get bored or you run out of new words to add to your list. Aim for a list of between 15-30 words, but feel free to go crazy if you want.

Get Your Pins Ready

That was a joke. You don´t need actual pins to use Pinterest. 
Take your list to and put your first word in the search bar. Now scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll until something stands out to you. This process can take quite a bit of time, but when done right, it´s worth the commitment. You can stop once you´ve found one image you like, or you can collect as many as you see fit. Put them in a new folder for the project. 
Repeat this process with every word in your list. Much like with the thesaurus process, you may find that certain words don´t work, that´s okay. Skip it. No problem. Again, there are no rules to this process. Once you finish, you will have a collection that looks something random like this:
*Yours will look different from mine depending on what words and images you chose. I can´t emphasize enough that there are no rules to this process. Change it if you like. Use google if you like. Use your preferred thesaurus brand. I do not work for any of these companies. I do not make a profit for talking about them, I am only sharing my personal process.

Sketch it Out

Scroll through your Pinterest board until shapes and ideas start to form. Start to add these elements to your composition. The ideas will start to come together and you will form a unique design for your art. I know this is abstract and may not be helpful.
Please comment below if you have any questions or email me at 
Below is the sketch I made from the ideas above. I will update this post when the final piece is complete.
I understand the frustration of creative mind block. There are so many different ways to challenge your brain to be creative. This is one I sort of made up that works pretty well for me. I hope it helps. And remember to have fun with it. This is a playful process.

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