How to Make Your Own Paper


Water Safe Surface
Plastic Tub of Water
Old or Second Hand Blender
A Sponge
A Spoon
2 Splatter Screens
Parchment Paper
Scrap Paper

1. Rip up the scrap paper into 1-2" pieces.
2. Put the paper scraps into the blender.
3. Add water to the blender, enough to cover the paper.
4. Blend until it's a smooth consistency
(You may find you have to mix it with a spoon to get any chunks and blend it more than once)

You now have paper pulp.

5. Pour the pulp into the tub of water.
6. Mix around until the consistency is even.
7. Using the flat side of the splatter screen, scoop from one side, and carefully pull up a layer of paper pulp.
8. Using the second splatter screen, sandwich the paper pulp and squeeze out as much water as possible.
9. Lay the sandwich of paper onto a water-safe surface.
10. Use the sponge to take out any access water until there seems to be none left. Make a point to get the edges.
11. Carefully remove the top screen.
12. Flip the new paper onto a piece of parchment paper.
13. Using the sponge, remove all excess water.
14. Carefully remove the other screen.
15. Let air dry for 2-5 days, or for faster results, sandwich between two pieces of parchment paper, cover with a piece of cloth and iron until dry.
16. Once dry, you can cut it into a square shape, write on it, draw on it, whatever you want.

Great for making pretty gifts like bookmarks, journals, cards, etc.

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