How to Make a Wet Palette for Only Five Dollars!!


Honestly, I'm surprised this trick isn't more common. Looking at Michael's website, a wet palette is $18 and you have to get refill paper is $8 for 50 sheets.

I heard about this idea from some video I wanted and the guy just suggested the general idea and I kind of ran with it from there.

Everything I used to make it was purchased at the dollar store and I spent less than $5 on it. Plus the refills are just more paper towels and wax paper. idk how many refills you will get, but it's only $2 for more. To me this is so much more practical I don't think I would buy a real one if I had all the money in the world.

Anyway, Hope you like this video, the written version is below:

How to Make a Wet Palette:

- Large Plastic Tupperware Contain
- Paper Towels
- Wax Paper
- Water Spray Bottle

1. Open the Tupperware.

2. Layer the bottom with 1-2 layers of paper towels.

3. Saturate the paper towels thoroughly with water from the spray bottle.

4. Add a layer of wax paper (cut to size).

5. Use like you would use a normal palette.

6. When you are done, place the lid on loosely, letting in some air. This will keep the paint damp until you need to use it again. (Time varies, but at least a week in my experience)

Thank you for watching.

with love,

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