10 Things You Don't Know About Me

by Bear Elle

I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me that unless we are pretty close, you probably don't know.

1. At least one section of my hair has been every single color at some point in my life. I've officially run out of colors. Waiting for them to discover a new one....

2. I was arrested for shoplifting a necklace at the mall when I was 23. It's easily my most embarrassing moment, but it played a roll in making me the person I am today. 

3. I was raised by my aunt and my grandmother. My mom was a drug addict and she passed away in 2016. I don't claim anyone as my father. 

4. I used to troll christian AOL chat groups and ask them questions they couldn't answer like.... who created God? 

5. I've had 14 piercings in my life, but my body simply rejects them. The lower part of my belly button, double in both ears, double on the cartilage of my left ear, both eyebrows, a Monroe, a lip ring on the left side, snake bites (done entirely separate, the previous lip piercing had fully closed), and one in the center of my lower lip, I forget what it's called. I can still wear basic earrings in the first hole, but mostly I don't wear any piercings anymore.

6. I was a dancer and I was also in beauty pageants. I danced for 15 years of my childhood and I went to one of the same nationals pageants as JonBenet Ramsey.

7. I recently got a tattoo literally so I could use it for a Tik Tok sound I had saved. I actually got the tattoo... never used the sound and I accidentally deleted the sound so now I prolly never will. 

8. I spent most of my 20's thinking I wasn't creative. Looking back, I wonder if it was related to my undiagnosed Aphantasia, but yea. I genuinely thought I wasn't creative.

9. I'm strong-willed and if you challenge me to do something I'm physically capable of and morally willing to do, particularly if I know you, I'll more than likely do it simply because I think it's more embarrassing to not even try.

10. Andrew WK followed me on Twitter like 5-6 years ago when I had no following whatsoever and I have no idea why. He still follows me till this day, but he's never interacted with me in any other way. #UnclearButStillCool